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United States -  apartfromtherest - Travel Guide
An Introduction to United States
There is not much one can say about the United States of America that has not already been shouted from the rooftops. The country that is synonymous with big and everything is big in every sense of the word. California itself would swallow England whole and the entire land area of America is a staggering 9.8 million square kilometres with over 300 million inhabitants. So much choice of diverse interesting places, sights, people and things to do makes the USA a brilliant place to choose your holiday.
Places in the USA

The United States of America comprises of 50 states that encapsulate every terrain and climate possible, from the sub-tropical Florida sunshine to the harsher temperatures and the majestic glaciers of Alaska.

New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the three most famous and visited cities in the USA, offering huge slices of the American Dream in copious amounts. To live on this planet and never visit the Big Apple would be a wasted journey. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire States Building and downtown Manhattan are stuff of legends, in much the same way as Hollywood is to Los Angeles and the west coast.





New York


The political capital of the world, Washington DC is the home of the Whitehouse, the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. A visit to DC and its glorious heritage and exciting nightlife will leave you gasping for oxygen.




The Grand Canyon

America is home to some of the natural wonders of that include the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the geysers and forests at Yellowstone National Park, which covers the three states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The diverse landscapes are what make this country so unique, from the arid deserts of Nevada to the sub-tropical everglades of Miami.

The west coast of America is home to fabulous sprawling coastline and famous destinations that include San Diego, San Francisco,Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Reno. America is so vast that you will eed more than one vacation to explore the country in- depth.






Las Vegas


Florida has an abundance of brilliant accommodation to choose from, grand houses to smaller more intimate villas. Holiday homes are plenty in close proximity to many attractions such as - Disney, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre and Cocoa Beach to name a few.



Things to do in the USA

Visiting the USA would not be the same without watching a live sporting event such as Major League Baseball at the New York Yankee Stadium, American Football at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Ice Hockey or Basketball. The Americans surely know how to put on a good show and entertaining the spectators is the number one priority.






Shopping, eating out and live music are aplenty. Rock Roll and Blues fans will love the southern states, with raceland in Memphis Tennessee and the home of Jazz music in New Orleans. In addition, dont forget to take the famous boat ride on the Mississippi River. America has everything and I havent even begun to scratch the surface.



The Rocky Mountains

A visit to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado will show the abundance of natural beauty at first hand. To receive the best panoramic views of the Rockys, I would suggest you take the hot-air balloon trip in Colorado.

When to go to the USA and Weather

Any time of the years is good to visit America, especially Miami or California, because of the high all year round temperatures. Because of the vastness of the country, the temperatures and conditions differ greatly. My only advice is to stay clear of the northeast during the winter months of December to February.  




Miami beach


Getting to the USA and Getting Around

America is the easiest place to travel in the world, with international and domestic airports in every major city. The bus and train services are also very efficient, cheap and very comfortable.


Although UK and Australian nationals can visit the United States without fixing a visa beforehand, we would recommend you check the current visa situation, because the rules are forever changing.

Useful Information

The American people are big on hospitality and are generally curious and courteous towards visitors. The country is generally safe, but it is advisable you do not trail off the beaten track unless you are with locals or a guide.


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