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Travel guide  Turkey

Turkey – apartfromtherest – Travel Guide
An Introduction to Turkey

Turkey can lay claim to literally being positioned where east meets west, proudly laying upon the two continents of Asia and Europe.

Turkey is the proverbial melting pot of cultures and borders eight countries with Iraq and Syria on the southeast, Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia on the east, to the Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus in the south.



Things to do in Turkey



In the year 2008 alone, 27.5 million tourists visited Turkey, cementing its position in the top ten tourist destinations in the world. People visit Turkey because of its warm temperatures, stunning natural beauty and its Art and Culture that dates back several hundred years to the Ottoman Empire.

Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon

Cosmopolitan cities such as Istanbul attract a smaller proportion of visitors when compared to the beachside resorts of the Mediterranean, but the stunning architecture of the Sultan Ahmet Camii Blue Mosque, Sunken Palace and the Galata Tower never fails to attract admirers. Istanbul is proof of the diverse cultural influences that makes the city so awe-inspiring. Quite surprisingly, the capital city of Turkey is Ankara, not Istanbul, which is a common misconception.
The rocky coastline of the Northern Anatolian region hugs the colossal Black Sea and the cascading gorges and rivers. This area of Turkey is one of the most scenic, with dramatic views and narrow valleys.

Turkey revels in the best of both worlds, with the Black Sea clinging to its north coast and the Mediterranean on the south coast. Turkey Tourism is fundamentally backed up by the popularity of its Mediterranean beach resorts, where people come to relax and unwind in the effortless environment of the south coast. European holidaymakers flock to coastal resorts like Antalya, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum, Oludeniz and Alanya to enjoy the sandy beaches and clear blue seas of the Med.





The Black Sea Coast


Golfing holidays have become very popular in the country because of its excellent value-for-money villas and self- catering facilities, alongside some terrific courses. Many tourists seeking a golf getaway book a short-term holiday home rental on the med and use that as a base to explore the region. This is the perfect way to get the best value- for-money and the privacy and seclusion of luxury accommodation.




Golf Resort in Bilyana


When to go to Turkey and Weather

The peak season to visit Turkey is between mid-June to mid-September, but just before or after is a great way to enjoy the country less crowded. Snowfall during the winter months can disrupt things in the tourist destinations, so be wary.

Getting to Turkey and Getting Around

The major bulk of flights to Turkey terminate in Istanbul, Ankara, Dalaman, Antalya, Trabzon, Izmir and Adana. The domestic flights between these airports are very cheap with Turkish Airlines. The extensive coach service is the most used method of transport when travelling throughout the country and most local travel agents can book you the tickets in advance.


Useful Information

Weekly Market in Fethiye

Turkey is full of nice surprises and very cheap prices. Tourists never fails to be impressed with its diverse culture and the Muslim architecture of the Sultanahmet Mosque at Istanbul, or the fabulous countryside and coastal scenery of the Mediterranean with its beachside resorts and a good choice of holiday home rentals.
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